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Mission & Aims

Saint Felix





Felix Quia Fortis

Mission Statement:

Saint Felix School offers its pupils and students an opportunity to discover and develop their full potential in terms of academic, sporting and creative achievement through a broad and balanced curriculum, through high quality teaching and learning and through supportive pastoral care. Education at Saint Felix is individualised as much as is possible. The school aims to produce distinctive characters who are aware of their privileged position in receiving education and look to live their lives through action rather than just word. Saint Felix pupils speak confidently and understand the art of listening. They make positive human relationships but embrace technology and change.

Saint Felix School Aims:

  • To be a friendly school with a family ethos, educating young people between the ages of 2 and 18 years.
  • To offer a high quality, individualised education based on a broad and stimulating curriculum which is regularly reviewed.
  • To provide opportunities for pupils to foster and develop a love of learning inside, outside and beyond the curriculum.
  • To develop the full potential of individual pupils in a secure and supportive environment so that all feel safe and valued.
  • To encourage all pupils and students to contribute to the school community through their personal gifts and talents.
  • To inspire the whole school community to appreciate the beauty of their environment and to help maintain and preserve it in good order for future generations.
  • To prepare its pupils to address, with confidence, the challenges that they will face living in a rapidly changing world, imbued with the unperishable qualities of respect, rationality and humanity.